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2010-2011 Season Show Synopsis

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Adaptation by Jeffrey Hatcher
Director: Henry C. Timm
October 28-31 & November 4-7, 2010 at Third Avenue Playhouse in Sturgeon Bay
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

A faithful yet abstract adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic horror novella of the well-meaning physician whose scientific experiments unleash his alter ego.  But this is “not your grandfather’s ‘Jekyll & Hyde’!” (Arizona Daily Star)  In this version, Hyde is not all evil – he loves, and is loved; and Jekyll isn’t the pure soul we’ve come to believe him to be.  A dark and disturbing story liberally peppered with humor that honors the original, but gives a more complex interpretation of the dual nature of man.

"It's true to the times and the novella in that it's an exploration about the subconscious mind and good and evil. [...] It's an exploration of this man at that moment in the civilized world when we were just coming to understand that there is a subconscious mind." -Tracy Brigden, City Theatre Company, Pittsburgh

"More than a narrative retelling of the classic tale; Hatcher's Jekyll and Hyde has a contemporary sensibility that is inventive and clever." - Richard Cook, Park Square Theatre, St. Paul

"...Definitely not your grandfather's Jekyll and Hyde!" - Arizona Daily Star

Hatcher, co-author of Tuesdays with Morrie, was nominated by the Mystery Writers of America for an "Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Play" for this show.

Auditions Aug. 23rd & 24th - More Info

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O Pioneers!
Cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control; please accept our apologies for any confusion.

An Evening of Bradbury
Staged Reading of three One-Acts by Ray Bradbury
Director: Ross Dippel
February 25-27, 2011 at Juniper Hall at Birch Creek Music Performance Center in Egg Harbor
Fri.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

Journey through Ray Bradbury's imagination with this presentation of three of his short stories adapted for the stage by Bradbury himself. Suggested donation: $5.00 per person.

A Device Out of Time - Two young boys take their "time machine" (a mason jar filled with fireflies) into the old home of Colonel Freeleigh, who sleeps in a wheelchair. As the fireflies light up, so does the colonel, and with soaring, lyrical Bradbury words, we are transported. In this short play, there are times and places to experience and know in a special way.

The Flying Machine - Presently safe behind China's Great Wall, the Emperor is told of a new discovery: a kite that allows men to fly. The Emperor decides to execute the "flying man" whose new invention, though miraculous, threatens the security of China. The inventor pleads for his life and for the life of his new machine. The Emperor is now forced to decide whether he should risk supporting the advancement of knowledge or maintain the security of China.

Kaleidoscope - What would you do if you were a million miles from earth and your rocket ship was hit by a meteor and suddenly split open, leaving you floating in space with only your communicator to link you to your six crew members? Bradbury's people contemplate their fate and philosophize about life and its purpose.

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Waiting for Lefty
by Clifford Odets
Director: Ross Dippel
May 13-15 & 19-22, 2011 at Ephraim Village Hall in Ephraim
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

Set in the Depression era, the play is loosely based on the New York City taxi cab drivers’ strike of 1934. A series of vignettes dealing with the cynical exploitation of the working classes is framed by the meeting of the cab drivers’ union, which is debating whether or not to stay off their jobs until their grievances are finally heard.

"One of the most celebrated and significant plays of the modern American theatre."

"...A powerful and stirring mosaic."


Auditions March 19 & 20 - More Info.


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