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2006-2007 Season Show Synopsis

Yasmina Reza
Director: Peter Daniels
Oct. 13-15 at Peninsula Art School & Oct. 19-22 at Third Avenue Playhouse
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

Art is a comedic play which won the 1998 Tony Award for Best Play. The plot concerns three men, Yvan, Marc and Serge. The play begins when Serge buys a modernist painting for two hundred thousand francs. The painting consists of some white lines on a white background. Marc resents the fact that Serge spent so much money on what he refers to as "white shit", while Yvan flip-flops between Marc and Serge's opinions. The play consists firstly of dialogues between two of the three characters, followed by a long scene in Serge's flat, which dominates the play.  The play was created in 1994 in Paris.

by Bob Fosse, Fred Ebb & John Kander
Director: Ross Dipple, Musical Director: Andrew Olson
Choreographers: Julia LaViolette & Jane Hillstrom
February 15-18 & 22-25, 2007 at Door Community Auditorium
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

Chicago is one of Broadway’s most popular and thrilling musicals.  The winner of six Tony Awards, it’s an electrifying tale of greed, murder, and show biz.  "Chicago's plot was cynical and satirical in 1975, but today feels like a documentary." So says Walter Bobbie, the director responsible for the 1997 revival of the Kander, Ebb, and Fosse "musical vaudeville," full of Roaring '20s jazz-based music and dance. 

The Glass Menagerie
by Tennessee Williams
Director: Arthur "Doc" Hopper
May 17-20 & 24-27 at Ephraim Village Hall
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM & Sun. at 2:00 PM

One of the most famous plays of the modern theatre. A drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty.

THE STORY: Amanda Wingfield is a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom, and her daughter, Laura. Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children, though her methods are ineffective and irritating. Tom is driven nearly to distraction by his mother's nagging and seeks escape in alcohol and the unrealistic world of the movies. Laura also lives in her own illusions. She is crippled, and this defect, intensified by her mother's anxiety to see her married, has driven her more and more into herself. The crux of the action comes when Tom invites a young man of his acquaintance to take dinner with the family. Jim, the caller, is a nice ordinary fellow who is at once pounced upon by Amanda as a possible husband for Laura. In spite of her crude and obvious efforts to entrap the young man, he and Laura manage to get along very nicely, and momentarily Laura is lifted out of herself into a new world. However, the world of illusion that the Wingfields have striven to create in order to make life bearable soon collapses about them.
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