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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 1, 2005
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Isadoora Theatre Company To Present "The Foreigner," A Comedy That Needs No Translation

It’s amazing what people reveal about themselves when they think the only other person in the room doesn’t understand the language they speak.

This is the concept playwright Larry Shue explores with wry hilarity in his comedy "The Foreigner." Isadoora Theatre Company will present this play about mistaken identities and misdirected motives at two venues with the opening performance on Feb 10th at 7:30 PM at the Ephraim Village Hall. "The Foreigner," directed by Peter Daniels, is Isadoora Theatre Company’s second installment in their 2004-05 season. Isadoora Theatre Company’s production of "The Foreigner" was one of four recipients of funds from the Peninsula Arts Association/Wisconsin Arts Board Regranting Program with funds from the State of Wisconsin.

The cast includes John Wilson, Amy Ensign, Andy Coffou, Ben Meyer, Mark Moede, Mary Hall, and Jim Lautenbach. Tristan Christ serves as the production designer and lead set builder. Michael Christman is the stage manager.

"The Foreigner," written by Milwaukee native Larry Shue, was premiered at the Milwaukee Repertory Theatre before its run on Broadway. "’The Foreigner’s’ humor is based on unchallenged assumptions that happen between characters," explains director Peter Daniels. "In the real-world, we make these same mistakes every day, and that’s what makes this show so poignant."

Charlie Baker, concerned his wife is ill and equally distraught about learning she has been unfaithful, just needs to get away. His buddy, Froggy LeSeuer, a British demolition expert, takes him to a lodge in Georgia for some R and R. Unfortunately, Charlie would rather be alone and doesn’t feel up to talking with anyone-not even Betty Meeks, the well-meaning (but meddling) widow who owns the lodge, nor Catherine Simms, a Southern belle who has moved to live there with her brother, Ellard, after the death of their father.

Froggy hatches upon a plan he will tell them all his friend doesn’t speak English so Charlie won’t be obliged to communicate with anyone!

Unfortunately, the plan has its pitfalls. The lodge’s residents are thoroughly intrigued by the mysterious stranger and set out to include him in everything they do. Ellard, who doesn’t have much of a command of the language himself, sets out to teach the foreigner everything he knows about English.

What’s worse, Charlie overhears a sinister plot to take over the lodge. Local redneck, Owen Musser, is determined to establish a KKK headquarters and his main accomplice is the two-faced Rev. David Marshall Lee, who is also Catherine’s fiancé.

What ensues is a proverbial battle of good versus evil, in which Charlie instead of enjoying a quiet vacation becomes the spirited mastermind of the plot to bring down the bad guys.

Performances of Isadoora Theatre Company’s "The Foreigner" are February 10, 11, 12, and 13th at the Ephraim Village Hall and February 17, 18, 19, and 20th at Third Avenue Playhouse, Sturgeon Bay. All shows begin at 7:30 PM with tickets priced at $12/10/7. Reservations are encouraged and can be placed by calling 920-493-DOOR (3667). Visit for more information.

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