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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 15, 2004
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Nationally Known Artist to be Featured in Isadoora Theatre Production
A fascinating collage of modern art will be accompanying Isadoora Theatre Company's production of Side by Side by Sondheim. Seven paintings from a well-known Minnesota artist have been loaned to director Craig Little, for use as the scenery of this upcoming performance.

The paintings will be used privately by Isadoora for each one of their performances of Side by Side by Sondheim. This musical revue of Stephen Sondheim's work will be running from February 13-15 at Ephraim Village Hall followed by performances February 20-22 at Third Avenue Playhouse, Sturgeon Bay. The painter will be present Saturday, February 21 as Isadoora's featured guest.

Artist Phyllis Wiener, abstract painter and friend of director Craig Little, has given Isadoora the privilege of using her art in their show. As the show's director, the idea for using his friend's art came to Mr. Little because both the artist's paintings and the composer's songs have such modern flair.

"Phyllis' abstract paintings on our stage fit appropriately with the Sondheim songs about relationships," said Mr. Little. "All of Sondheim's shows deal with the problems of personal relationships, likewise, each one of Phyllis' paintings are composed around the relationships of shapes. All of her paintings reflect a feeling or mood."

Above: Phyllis Wiener
At the age of 82, Phyllis Wiener works out of her Minneapolis studio. Her abstracts have several dynamics using diagonal lines, bright color washes and over-lapping planes. Each of the seven paintings to be hung on stage has unique attractions and her use of brilliant colors compliments the dazzling lyrics of Stephen Sondheim.

Craig Little became involved with Isadoora when he got word that they were performing this Sondheim tribute. As the director he feels lucky to have a very strong cast. "Isadoora is very brave for taking on Side by Side by Sondheim," he said. "With difficult music and challenging chord structures, Sondheim isn't always easy."
Little has long been a fan of Sondheim's; in fact he met the composer after the 1977 opening of Side by Side by Sondheim in Chicago. He likens Sondheim to the theatrical greats such as Irving Berlin and Cole Porter, calling him one of the greatest Broadway musical composers of all time.

Craig and his wife Kathy retired to Door County nine years ago. Both hold degrees in music from Park College, Missouri, where they met. Together they can be credited with many theatre productions during their work in the Chicago Heights Drama Group Community Theatre. Today they can be seen performing for various organizations around the peninsula, their half-hour ensemble is called, "It's All in the Lyrics."

Isadoora Theatre is a Door County community-based company that celebrates theatre through its basic elements of movement, music, story, and thought.  Isadoora Theatre seeks to educate the community by providing theatrical experiences of intellectual integrity.  This mission is fulfilled by open self-examination and artistic risk.  For more information about Isadoora Theatre Company and a complete listign of upcoming performances visit, email, or call 920-493-DOOR(3667).

Above: Kathy and Craig Little
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