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"English Zoo Flies" Audience Comments

October 16, 2003
Phone Conversation with Ginka Cohn

Ginka said that since she and her husband are no longer able to go with frequency to Chicago to see theatre as they once did, they DEPEND on good theatre up here and we (Isadoora Theatre Company) are it. Ginka, a former professional dancer and the founder of the Peninsula Dance Company, said her feet were tapping during the live commercials--they loved them. She said what they most appreciated was the simplicity of the show's style and the fact that the acting was so good and not overdone.

Email Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003 9:18 AM
Subject: You are THE best.

I was just thinking about the show again this AM as I was getting ready for work.

I am a theatre snob, and don't attend as much theatre as I used to as a result. I can support children and those who are discovering the experience of theatre, but the pseudo professional stuff has disappointed me so much that I am very selective what I will attend. I am a snob.

First, I know a well directed show when I see one (one of my biggest pet peeves). Secondly, I found this interpretation of Jerry to be the most dynamic and real one I have ever seen. Too many "Jerry is nuts" interpretations out there. It was beautiful! Thirdly, Jim L. was great at staying focused and giving over the focus when it was important. Never were we distracted from the story. It made so much sense. We followed it closely, captivated, waiting, just as Peter was. The build was wonderful and took us with it.

This is not to say that I did not enjoy the Ives pieces which were delightful. It was a treat to see Elena on stage. I had heard about her, and hope to someday meet her. I think she was on the original steering committee for the Boys & Girls Club that I direct.

Then the commercials!! Brilliant, Superb! How can the Boys and Girls Club get a commercial like that. I bet they cost a small fortune. Sponsorship? Brilliant, and well done.

PS - I never never never give out undeserved kudos. NEVER, because I am such a snob.

Well done, my friend. It was MY pleasure!!
---Gayle Johnson

Email Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 11:50 AM
Subject: Statement

There is plenty of good, well-established summer theater in Door which enjoys and deserves our support. Recently, however, I had the distinct `off-season’ pleasure of seeing the new Isadoora Theater Company’s superb production of Edward Albee’s, "The Zoo Story" (part of a production of three one-acts called "English Zoo Files") in Sturgeon Bay. After too many years of living here `waiting for Godot’, years of longing for Off Broadway, Off Broadway/Chicago, Off Broadway/ Milwaukee…finally, real theater makes an entrance to Off Broadway/Door County. If Albee found the way here, can Beckett be far behind? Bravo!

Continued success to you and your company. I look forward to your next production.
---Norb Blei
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